Dra. Pilar Prieto Nuñez-Polo


Pilar Prieto Núñez-Polo was born on March 6th 1966 in Ciudad Real (Spain). In Juny 1989 she obtained her degree in Chemistry at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. During this time she spend 6 months in the BASF Industry (Mannheim). In 1990 she worked in the Medicinal Institut of CSIC in Madrid. Then,  she moved at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in 1991, where she obtained her Ph. D. from the UCLM under the supervision of Prof. Ángel Díaz Ortiz in 1995. The main focus of her thesis was  the application of Microwave Irradiation as alternative and environmentally friendly energy sourced in the development of chemical process. During the development of her Ph. D. thesis, she also performed in 1994 a pre-doctoral stay in the Université the Paris–Sud under the supervision of Prof. André Loupy. At this time she worked with a prototype monomode microwave reactor.

Afterwards, she realized two post-doctoral stays. One of them in the Technische Hochshule of Darmstadt under the supervision of Prof. Hans Neunhoeffer and the other one was in the University of Basque Country under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Cossío. It was the latter wich gave her a wider vision of the Computational Chemistry. To gain a deeper insight into that field, she performed two additional short stays in the Medical Chemistry Institute of CSIC in Madrid under the supervision of Ibon Alkorta, and another one with Prof. Fernando Cossío.

Her current investigation is mainly focused in two fields:

–          Development of new materials under microwave together with the employed environmentally friendly chemical process.

Diapositiva presentación (Mi tesis en 3 min)

–          Computational Chemistry. In this area she is interested in the study of some reaction mechanisms which are claimed to be improved under microwave irradiation. Theoretical calculations can be used as a tool to model those mechanisms and evaluate the real influence of the microwave irradiation on them.

She is authored over 70 scientific publications. Since 2001 she is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Chemistry of Castilla-La Mancha. In 2016 she became her “habilitation” as full Professor.

Ph. D. Students: Iván Torres Moya, Raúl Martín Lozano and Jesús Herrera Herreros.

Contact info:

MaríaPilar.Prieto@uclm.es  / Edificio Marie Curie – Avda. Camilo José Cela s/n – 13071 Ciudad Real /

Tfno. 926295300 Ext. 3487

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