Consultancy and collaboration

We offer a range of services in our group, focused around the integration and optimization of microwave-promoted chemistry. Our expertise is focused on microwave organic synthesis, nanoscale laboratorie and nmr analysis. We have experience working with fine chemicals, healthcare, life sciences, medical technology, pharmaceutical, environmental, and energy related industries.

We have a wide range of expertise that is available to partners through consultancy. We can help individuals, companies and government get started with microwave chemistry in their laboratory. We can also help address issues of scale-up and reaction design.

We offer courses and master on microwave-promoted chemistry. These can be tailored to the needs of the organization. Topics may include a background to microwave chemistry, an equipment overview, advice on adapting chemistry from conventional to microwave conditions and scale-up of chemistries.

Opportunities are available to participate in short or long term collaborations where practical chemistry can be performed by us in our laboratories.

If you may be interested in any of these services, please contact Dr. Antonio de la Hoz.

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