José Ramón Ramírez Díaz

José Ramón Ramírez Díaz was born the 28th August1986 in Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real,Spain). In 2004, he completed bachelor’s degree at IES Berenguela de Castilla (Bolaños). In July 2009, he obtained his degree in Chemistry at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). After finishing his degree, he started as a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Chemistry (UCLM) under the supervision of Dra. Ana Sánchez-Migallón and Prof. Antonio dela Hoz. In September 2010, he obtained the master’s degree in Green Chemistry. Now, he is developing his PhD performing microwave assisted organic synthesis over heterocyclic compounds.

When not doing chemistry, he really likes playing sports such as chess or indoor football.

Contact info: / Avda. Camilo José Cela, nº 10 – 13.071 Ciudad Real / Tfno. 926295300 Ext. 96345.

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