Fernando León Cedeño

Fernando León Cedeño obtained his degree in Chemistry (1983) and his Master in Organic Chemistry (2010) from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), in the Facultad de Ciencias Químicas. He joined at the same institution in 1982, as an Assistant Professor, and from 1991 is a Professor in Organic Chemistry in the same Institution. He has developed a career the field of teaching and investigation. He was part of National Organizing Committee in México of National Chemistry Olympiad program that is sponsored by Academia Mexicana de Ciencias AC, and Facultad de Ciencias Químicas of the UNAM. Also his interest areas are the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds (pyrroles and pyridines) and in the protection of α-aminoacids for the peptide synthesis. Also he is applying the green chemistry methodologies for the synthesis of useful heterocyclic compounds. Now he is in Spain (from october 20, 2010), in the Universidad de Castilla, la Mancha, at his Campus in Ciudad Real and he is joined the graduate program of Sustainable Chemistry, within he is developing his thesis under the supervision of Dr Antonio de la Hoz Ayuso to obtain his Ph D in organic chemistry and sustainable chemistry. For doing this he obtained a fellowship from PASPA (Programa de Apoyos para la Superación del Personal Académico), as an incentive of DGAPA (Dirección General de Asuntos del Personal Académico de la UNAM)

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