Covadonga Lucas Torres-Pérez

Covadonga was born on August 16th 1986 in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real), right in the heart of the La Mancha, Spain. In 2004 she finished her baccalaureate studies in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) in the International Baccalaureate program (

In september 2004 she started her studies of Chemistry at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. After finished her degree in 2009, she began to work in the Department of Inorganic, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry with an Initiation to Research grant, under the supervision of Dr. Andrés Moreno Moreno, working on the application of NMR spectroscopy in olive oils with different CLM Protected Denomination of Origin, as well as the study of their behaviour and chemical properties under microwave irradiation, using the same technique. During that period she studied a Master Degree in Formation of Secondary School Teacher.

The following academic year, in 2010-2011, she obtained her Master Degree in Sustainable Chemistry also with Dr. Andres Moreno Moreno as supervisor, whose the title was “Sustainable Chemistry in food studies. NMR application on the olive oil oxidation analysis”.

Currently, she is doing her Ph.D, under the supervision of Prof. Beatriz Cabañas Galán (Department of Physical Chemistry) and Dr. Andrés Moreno Moreno. Having received a FPI Fellowship from MICINN,  she is working on finding alternative mechanisms to obtain biofuels from waste or material that cannot be used for other purposes. Moreover, she will work on the physical-chemical characterization of different components, which are present in the emissions of biofuels. She will use a methodology that allows both a qualitative and quantitative determination, as NMR Spectroscopy does. On the other hand, she has recently done a stay of 6 months at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, in the University of York (UK), under the supervision of Prof. James Clark and Prof. Avtar Matharu, where she was involved in a project aimed towards the food waste valorization. In that project she found new uses for the mango fruit waste, as the seed and the peels, involving the utilization of green technologies as the microwave-assisted extraction.

Contact information: // Avda. Camilo José Cela, 10 – 13071 Ciudad Real / Tfno.: 926295300 Ext. 96345.

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