Antonio Esaú Del Río Castillo


Dr. Esaú Del Río is electronic engineer graduated from Queretaro Institute of Technology (Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro), Mexico. He obtained his bachelor degree with the thesis entitled “Growth and characterization of heterounion lasers”.

Afterwards he moved to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, for his M.Sc. degree in IPICyT where he worked together with Prof. Ana Paulina Barba and Prof. Mauricio Terrones in the project “Interaction of Carbon Nanotubes and Biological Systems”. He obtained the degree of M.Sc. in nanosciences and nanotechnologies in 2008.

Esaú obtained his PhD degree from the Universita degli Studi di Trieste (UniTs) in 2012 with the project entitled “Towards self assembled devices, a carbon nanotube approach” under the supervision of Prof. Maruzio Prato, (UniTs) and Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso (University of Cambridge). Esaú was awarded with a full scholarship from CONACYT (Mexican governent) to develop his PhD studies. During his PhD studies Esaú made a research stay in the University of Cambridge under the suppervision of Prof. Andrea Ferrari and Francesco Bonaccorso.

Now Esaú is part of the Nanochemistry Group in the Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, he works under the supervision of Prof. Ester Vázquez in the project of exfoliation and functionalization of carbon materials.

Department Address: 
Microwave and Sustainable Organic Chemistry Division,
Organic Chemistry Department
Universidad de Castilla la Mancha.
Av. Camilo José Cela, 10 – 13071 Ciudad Real, Spain.
Telephone: 0034 926295300    Ext 96326
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