Flow Equipment


Model 521i adds the CE mark to the model 521. Includes a certificate of compliance and an instruction manual in the customer’s language.

Model 521 is the most advanced instrument with the most quality minded features. In addition to the features found in the 520B we have added an Infrared Thermometer to the system to monitor and proportionately control the temperature at the surface of the reaction vial.

The instrument may be operated in power mode with the same power monitoring functions as the 520B or in temperature mode. In temperature mode the user sets the desired temperature and the maximum output power. When a control cycle is initiated, the instrument applies the maximum power until the temperature reaches the set value and then proportionately controls the temperature until the cycle time ends.

The Labtrix® system is a fully automated, standardized, “plug and play” platform for laboratory bases reaction screening, optimization and kinetic data determinations using flow chemistry. Labtrix® can be used to perform synthesis at temperatures ranging from -15°C to + 195°C and at pressures of up to 25 bar. Labtrix® can be used to eveluate many reaction parameter in a short period of time, employing very little raw material.

Vapourtec Ltd are a technology company located near to Cambridge in the UK, with many years of experience producing world leading laboratory equipment for in the pharmaceutical drug discovery industry.

Vapourtec develop and manufacture the revolutionary R Series flow chemistry system .  Many innovative features have been combined to give a platform offering best in class precision and repeatability, faster reaction optimisation, and instant reproducible scaleup.   Among the many benefits of the system is its design for easy integration with upstream and downstream equipment.

Flow chemistry lends itself well to automation and Vapourtec enables the busy chemist to immediately take full advantage of that.

At the heart of Vapourtec lies a firm commitment to sound engineering, ensuring reliability and robustness is built in from the start, and this is reflected in the satisfaction of our customer base, many of whom have already returned to place repeat orders.


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