Chemist Focuses on Education for Real-World Sustainability Challenges

Introductory college science classes need to improve their coverage of issues related to sustainability, a noted chemistry educator told the American Association for the Advancement of Science.   Original article here

Why Chemistry Matters

Why Chemistry Matters   In this compilation of short, educational videos called “Chemistry Matters”, 16 Nobel Laureates discuss new frontiers in their field and explore what life as a chemist entails. They also describe the beauty inherent in chemistry and recall the eureka moments when they discovered ‘a little of nature’s logic’. Designed for students … Continue reading

‘Green’ chemistry extraction method developed for hot capsicum fruit

Plant pigments are an important source of non-toxic compounds for use as food or cosmetic coloring agents. In addition to their known nutritional value, the red pigments in Capsicum (chile pepper) are important as sources of non-toxic red dyes; the red pigments are added to many processed foods and cosmetics to enhance their appearance. Certain … Continue reading

Hello world! Green Chemistry; this is what we do

Chemistry: It’s not easy being green Published online 5 January 2011 | Nature 469, 18-20 (2011) | doi:10.1038/469018a In the past two decades, the green-chemistry movement has helped industry become much cleaner. But mindsets change slowly, and the revolution still has a long way to go.