An article of the group elected as cover in a special issue on Flow Chemistry

A paper on the Reformatsky and Blaise reaction in Flow in collaboration with JANSSEN, S.A. has been published in a special issue of Green Chemsitry on Flow chemistry and has been elected as the cover of the issue.

Book chapter on flow Chemistry

A new book chapter on the use of non-conventional techniques in sustainable chematry under flow conditions has been published by our group. The chapter it is included in the book Sustainable Flow Chemistry – Chapter 9. Methods and Applications.  Edited by L. Vaccaro and published by Wiley-VCH.

New book chapter on Microwaves in Green Chemistry

Since the first publications on the use of microwave irradiation in synthetic chemistry, it was clear that this methodology would have a marked influence in all areas of this discipline. Reduction of reaction times, improved yields, modifications of selectivities, increased product purities and simplification of work-up procedures were described and, in most cases, these conditions … Continue reading

Preparation and properties of Triazine based Streptocyanines

A new series of bistriazine-based streptocyanines has been selectively prepared. 1D- and 2D-DNMR spectroscopy and computational calculations have shown the presence of a Cl … H bond. UV–vis and fluorescence spectroscopy show that streptocyanine-based bistriazines are violet-blue emitters and large Stokes shifts of more than 6000 cm−1 were observed. The title compounds showed interesting properties which … Continue reading

Nuevo artículo sobre Triazinas en ciencia de materiales

A series of imine-derived triazines with Donor–Acceptor properties have been designed. They are excellent candidates for the interaction with graphene and the construction of optoelectronic devices, as blue Light Emitting-Diodes.

Solvent-free Microwave Assisted Synthesis of New 2,5-Dimethoxyphenylaminotriazines

A new green synthesis star-shaped 2,5-dimethoxyphenylamino-1,3,5-triazine derivatives using microwave irradiation in the absence of solvent, with properties as donor–acceptor (D–A) systems. is described.

New luminescent blue emitters based on bistriazines

Efficient blue emitters (with ΦF values up to 0.87) bistriazines have been synthesized using Green procedures under microwave irradiation.

Predoctoral grant with the University of Torino

Possible pre-doctoral grant in collaboration with the University of Torino (Italy). Students could perform the project in both Universities. Good level of English is mandatory. The student will be integrated in the group of Prof. Giancarlo Cravotto in the Università degli Studi di Torino. Send Curriculum to Antonio de la Hoz (  

Book chapter on the application of Microwave Irradiation in Green Chemistry

Our contributions in the field of Green Chemistry using microwave irradaition and the applications of computational calculations in this field have been published in The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry.

Old Friends on the internet!!

Although they already were presented on the internet with a web page, our friends from Red Española de Química Sostenible now have a Facebook Page and a blog for spreading the word and the incoming news on Sustainable Chemistry.